Boat Lift Prices and Boat Lifts For Sale

Boat Lift Prices and Boat Lifts For Sale

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A boat lift is an investment that helps protect your boat and improve its resale value. It also allows you to spend more time on your favorite pastimes, without worrying about wasting valuable moments preparing your boat for the water. The upfront cost of a lift may seem expensive, but the piece of mind it provides is worth every penny. Source:

The average boat lift price will vary based on the type of lift you choose, labor costs to install, and additional accessories. Cantilever lifts are the most affordable, ranging in the $1,500-$6,000 range. Elevator lifts are more expensive, starting at $7,800 and increasing in price depending on your boat’s loaded weight and beam measurement.

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Other factors that influence your boat lift cost include water depth measurements, soil firmness, prevailing wind conditions, slip spacing and many more. You should always consult a professional for a thorough estimate.

Boat lifts for sale are available from a wide variety of manufacturers and dealers. Some of these manufactures will have a section on their website that lists used lifts, just like car dealerships do. These used lifts are a great option to save some money and get the same great quality you would expect from any other new model boat lift.

Craftlander is a less-known manufacturer that makes quality products at a reasonable price. The reason why they are less expensive is because they don’t have to pay for elaborate advertising programs or dealer financing programs. This savings are passed directly to the consumer. Additionally, they don’t use fancy extruded pieces in their products that drive up the cost and make it harder for parts to be available.

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