Ecommerce SEO Denver

Ecommerce SEO Denver

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Search engines are the primary way that people find products online. As such, SEO is the most effective form of digital marketing for eCommerce stores to attract new customers and grow brand awareness. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) strategies, which require budgeting for ongoing costs and can be impacted by ad blindness, ecommerce seo denver has the potential to produce lasting results with relatively minimal cost.

Why is SEO cheap?

A well-crafted SEO strategy includes on-page optimization, keyword research and site navigation. For ecommerce websites, this means optimizing product pages, category pages and home page content to improve visibility for the most relevant queries. It also involves ensuring that site security measures are in place to prevent hackers from exploiting the platform for their own financial gain.

To drive high-intent traffic to your product pages, you need to incorporate the right keywords in your content. Start by searching for your main product terms in a keyword research tool to generate related phrases that could be used as search queries. This will give you a list of additional keywords to incorporate into your product pages.

Product page content should include options, tips, comparisons, reviews and more that will help consumers make an informed buying decision. Using the right images to represent your products is important, as well. For example, a product with multiple features may benefit from an image that shows the features in action. This is known as a “hero image”. Finally, don’t let 404 error pages become lost opportunities. Use a tool like 301 redirects to automatically re-route these error pages to the most relevant product pages.

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