IPQS Phone Number Carrier Lookup

IPQS Phone Number Carrier Lookup

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ipqualityscorecom phone number carrier lookup

Ipqualityscore.com phone number carrier lookup is a free API tool that helps improve user data and lead quality with accurate phone line type detection. The service connects directly to telecom backbones from leading phone carriers worldwide and delivers the latest carrier of record for any number, a vital piece of information for risk scoring and preventing abuse through chargebacks, reversals, fake accounts, and other high risk transactions.

Carrier Status & Prepaid Plan Identification:

IPQS supports accurate phone line carrier validation anywhere in the world for all major cell phone providers and line types including landline, mobile, cellular, and VOIP. In addition, the service provides a prepaid identifier to help ensure that a given cell phone plan is being used by the correct person or organization.

ow to Identify the Carrier of a Phone Number for Marketing and Fraud Prevention

VOIP & Disposable Phone Numbers:

VoIP and disposable phone numbers can be difficult to detect by other means, but they carry a higher risk of abusive behavior than landline and cellular lines. This is especially true of virtual telephony services like Google Voice and temporary SMS.

Phone Number Reputation Analysis:

IPQS uses a proprietary reputation engine to analyze and score all user and transaction data in real-time. This ensures that you are able to identify high risk users and invalid clicks in real-time with minimal impact on the customer experience.

Reverse Phone Number Lookups:

The free reverse phone number lookup is a great way to find out more about a caller or user by checking their name, location, activation date, and other details. This can also be used to check if a caller has been reported for abuse by other users or organizations.

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