Kettlebell Ab Workout Standing

Kettlebell Ab Workout Standing

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kettlebell ab workout standing

You don’t need any fancy equipment to do a kettlebell ab workout standing. The best thing about this exercise is that you can perform it in the comfort of your home and in your own time, which makes it perfect for busy people who want to get a solid core workout done but don’t have access to gym equipment.

The best way to build up your abs is to combine a variety of exercises that target your core muscles. This means that your abs will be developed while also strengthening other parts of the body, including your arms, legs, and back.

Kettlebells are a valuable tool for targeting your core, as they require constant core work in nearly every movement. The kettlebell swing, for example, involves a lot of lateral trunk flexion and anti-rotation.

From Beginner to Pro: How to Incorporate Kettlebell Swings into Your Abdominal Training Routine

Single Handed Deadlift

The single-handed deadlift is a great first exercise to add into your kettlebell ab workout standing, as it works most of the muscles in your body and improves your movement skills before going on to the all important kettlebell swing.

Side Plank Row

The side plank row is an intense workout that will zip up your abs like a corset while targeting your shoulders and back, too. To perform the exercise, start in a plank position with your hands beneath your shoulders. Place a kettlebell just behind your right hand and pull it under your body out to your left side.

Repeat this motion using your left hand to pull the bell through again, alternating sides for 8 to 12 reps. Keep your abs tight and make sure to maintain proper form throughout the entire exercise.

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