The Problems of Temporary Workers in France

The Problems of Temporary Workers in France

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EuWorkers in many European countries, temporary workers in france are a substantial part of the labour force. Their status as precarious employees has serious consequences for them personally and for the economy. While some individuals chose this type of employment, the majority endures these conditions and suffers from a number of disadvantages, such as the lack of access to social protection and the risk of losing their jobs.

Moreover, the existence of a dual labor market accentuates the problems of these workers. People who work with temporary contracts are less likely to find other permanent positions and often face obstacles when seeking housing or credit. In addition, they receive fewer professional training opportunities and are paid less than those with a civil service contract.

Temporary Work Contracts in France: Types and Characteristics

These problems can be partly explained by the nature of french law, which stipulates that a temporary contract can only be concluded for specific and legally stipulated reasons (a replacement for an absent employee, for example, or a short-term increase in activity). As such, if the employer can not rely on these grounds, it must offer a CDI, a contrat à durée déterminée, which is a stable fulltime job. Dismissal from a CDI is possible, but only if there are serious financial or technical reasons. Compensation is owed if the termination is for this reason.

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